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Top 3 things to know when importing a vehicle to Canada


Importing a vehicle to Canada is a great way to save money.  However, there can be some glitches if these 3 things are not taken care of before you buy the vehicle and head for the border:

  1. Be sure your vehicle is allowed to be imported.
    Not all vehicles are allowed to be imported.  Transport Canada keeps an updated list of all vehicles, makes and models that are allowed to be imported.  Check this list before you purchase your vehicle.   
  2. U.S. Customs requires 72 Hours before importing.
    That's right - U.S. Customs requires that they be notified when a vehicle leaves the country.  The VIN, Title, etc., must be included in this notification.  They will also require that the vehicle be presented to them at the time of exportation.
  3. The original title must be with the vehicle at time of export.
    For the vehicle to be exported, the original title must be with the vehicle.  Also, the title must be re-assigned to the importer of record.  This re-assigned title is what is used for both the U.S. exportation / 72 Hour notice as well as the Canadian importation. 

BorderBuddy takes care of the above items as well as the transportation and customs clearance of your vehicle.

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