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How does Canada Customs assign Duty Rates?


I often get asked what the duty rate is for this item or that item - people want to know what the various duty rates are for the items they want to import.

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My first response is always "Where is it made?"  This is because no matter what item it is - if it's made in the U.S.A., Canada or Mexico - the item will be duty free regardless of what it is.  To get more technical, though - the item also has to qualify for NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - which makes these items duty free.

But, as a rule of thumb, if it's made in those 3 countries - you can be 90% sure it will not have any duty.  (There will still be taxes, of course!)

There are other countries that have trade agreements with Canada and the U.S. as well - but the NAFTA agreement covers U.S., Canada and Mexico - as long as the items are made / manufactured in those countries - they will be duty free!



1) Click on CONTACT US... it says "email support only"... but no email address is provided? 
2) Your form asks for an EBay Item ID... I searched google etc and can not find any info on what it is or more important where to find it.
Posted @ Tuesday, May 01, 2012 11:37 AM by Aaron
As Mexico, U.S and Canada have signed NAFTA agreement, they have to charge the rates among themselves as stated in the agreement, for others I have no idea....
Posted @ Friday, May 31, 2013 4:38 AM by Clearing and Forwarding company in Mumbai
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